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Open as usual Monday-Friday 8am-5pm for your Smart servicing needs

Unfortunately due to the decline there hasn't been many breakers to buy, I may still have the spares you are looking for so drop me a message.

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About us

We have been supplying used & new Smart spares since 2009. After struggling to find anyone selling spares for my damaged Smart Roadster in 2009 I started buying/breaking insurance write offs. 


We ship worldwide, no location is too far away and if I'm travelling to your country I'm happy to bring along small parts with me. As well as purchasing damaged cars from insurance companies to provide parts we also restore less damaged cars and offer to purchase troubled Smarts from those that are looking to sell or trade in. 


Based from Eldrick Garage in central Scotland we can also offer our Smart Specialist Knowledge by Fitting of parts, Servicing, Diagnostics, Tyres, MOT & repair work which can all be found under our services menu. 

Booking in for work or Part requests:

Telephone: 01501 770077


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