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Cruise Wiring

Cruise control is an upgrade possible for all Smart Roadster & Fortwo 450 models with just a few steps.

Below is all you will need to guide you to fitting cruise control to your Smart

Step 1

You will have to check if you have the wiring already, if not don't worry as it can be added.

You will have to remove the plastic between the steering wheel and the speedo to gain access to the wiring location. 

There are 4 holes which have 4 Torx10 screws at the top. 


Step 2

Remove the 4 Torx 10 screws using a thin T10 screw driver


Step 3

Find the 3 pin plug shown above, if cruise control has never been fitted to your car before it will be taped to the wiper stalk wiring. If you find this plug you can skip to step 11


Step 4

If you can't find the plug you can purchase the wiring adapter from the store below

Adapter shown in picture below


Step 5

To fit this wiring you will have to remove the SAM unit, follow Removing SAM guide below. 

Step 6

With the SAM out of the way, feed the 3 pins & wiring down through the dash and into the foot well.

These 3 pins will be added to the White and Black plug you can see in the picture behind the wiring.

These plugs are labelled on the SAM unit as N11-8  (BLACK) and N11-9 (WHITE). 


Step 7

The grey plug within the white plug (N11-9) needs to be removed.

There is a latch on the top side, press this in whilst pushing the grey plug out from the opposite side. 


Step 8

As you can see close up the pins are numbered 1 through to 10. On the opposite side of the plug they are numbered 11 to 20.

Slide the pin coming from the Red/Pink wire into slot 7 as shown above

Slide the pin coming from the Blue/Green wire into slot 10 as shown above

You can now slide the grey plug back in to the white plug


Step 9

The final pin with black/green wire goes in to the grey plug within the black plug (N11-8).


Step 10

Slide the pin with Black/Green wire in to slot 11, this is on the opposite side from 1-10 (located just behind slot 1 as see in the picture). I forgot to take a picture of the opposite side but the slots are clearly numbered. 

Once securely fitted slide the grey plug back in to the black plug.

Refit the SAM unit using the SAM Unit Removal guide in reverse. 


Step 11

After fitting the wiring you should have the layout  seen below just like the cars that have the loom from the factory.

Remove the standard wiper stalk and unplug it. (there is a latch between the two brackets on the column to unlatch the wiper stalk)

Fit the wiring for the wipers & cruise in to the new cruise control stalk and rebuild the dash. You should have something that looks like the second picture below.

Cruise Control requires a TAN code to activate the cruise functions. The wiper functions will still operate until you get it activated.

Any Smart specialist including myself or Mercedes dealer can carry out TAN coding. 

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