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SAM Unit Removal

You should never need to remove the SAM unit unless you are curious to check for water damage, replacing the SAM unit or adding additional wiring. 

I take no responsibility if you damage your SAM unit 

Tools needed: 10mm socket with ratchet & T10 Torx screw driver

Step 1

The most important step here is REMOVE THE BATTERY Live wire. This wire goes directly to the SAM unit.


Tuck it up behind the steering rack so it's not possible for it to accidentally touch the battery whilst you are working on the car.

Step 2

Pop off the lower cover that joins the dash to the carpet. This gives you a bigger area to lower the SAM unit. This panel is held in with two pop studs and just pulls off from the front. 


Step 3

Remove the two T10 screws seen at the right hand side (this is not essential as the sam unclips from this bracket but I find it easier refitting with the bracket off too)

On the opposite side there is a catch, pull it and the SAM will fall down. Lift the opposite side up and out of the locator seen in between the two T10 screws. 


Step 4

With the SAM unit hanging you should see something like the picture below.

There are 11 plugs to remove, start from the back and work your way to the front. At the front there are two plugs where you need to push in a tab and swing a lever to the right to life the plug out (seen in the second picture below)


Step 5

Now you have all the plugs out the last thing to remove is the Live wire that comes from the battery. Pop off the red cover seen in the first picture below. You will find a 10mm nut, undo this with a ratchet (DO NOT USE AN IMPACT GUN) and the SAM Unit will be free.


There we have it, one SAM unit removed. 

Refitting is the reverse. As I said above DO NOT USE AN IMPACT GUN when fitting the 10mm nut, it is easy to rip the part out the terminal if you do. 

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